About the project

Digital participation is an important key to thriving in today’s world, and it’s crucial to provide support that meets individual needs. It’s also important to recognise the benefits that digital applications can bring to individuals. That’s why it’s essential that trainers or other supporters have a broad understanding of the possibilities available to cater for different people.

The DigitalScouts project builds on these aspects by developing an educational offer that qualifies “digital scouts” to support older people in the use of digital tools, so that they can benefit from the opportunities of digitalization for social, cultural, and political participation and in the area of health promotion.

The Project Aims To

Meet the challenges of the digital transformation in society and help to close the still existing digital divide with ever increasing negative impacts for excluded persons.

Improve the availability of high-quality learning opportunities in education of trainers within the framework of blended learning.

Promote the development and expansion of support services, e.g. courses, counselling services, personal support at home, etc., integrating an individualised, needs-based approach.

Target Groups

The DigitalScouts project addresses:

People who want to support older adults (60+) in using digital devices and applications.

Providers in the field of adult education who are looking for training tools (methodology, curriculum, training materials, validation and certification tools, etc.) to train people who want to support older citizens in using digital tools.

Providers of support services for older people (municipalities, associations, non-profit organisations, district managers, social agencies).

People interested in the topic and our project. In the project, we will pilot the trainings and train people to support people 60+. These people are therefore indirectly addressed by the project.

Project Outputs

European Compendium

Digital Training and Toolkit

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01/12/2022 to 31/07/2025






Enhancing the Digital Literacy and Participation in Europe

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KA220-ADU - Cooperation partnerships in adult education


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