Austrian National Report is out to be discovered!

The research efforts of DigitalScouts have unveiled insights into the digital landscape of older individuals and the support structures available to enhance their digital skills across partner countries. The findings provide a comprehensive understanding of the evolving realm of digital literacy among the older population.

Analysing Austria’s digital scene in 2021, the data reveals that 76% of men aged 65-74 were active internet users, while women in the same age group showed a slightly lower rate of 57%.

Despite this gender gap, impressive numbers are shown of internet adoption among older age groups. In 2022, a noteworthy 90% of individuals aged 55-64 engaged with the internet within the past year. The growth is equally remarkable among those aged 65-74. In 2012, a mere 38% of this age group accessed the internet in the last three months. By 2022, this figure had impressively risen to 70%.

DigitalScouts remains committed to its mission of empowering individuals enthusiastic about guiding older adults on their digital journeys. The organization aims to harness the potential of digital technology to enrich the lives of older generations.