202 – Foster cultural participation


In this course you will get to know some best practices in your country, that you can use to train digital competencies while enjoying cultural activities.

In detail we will look at the following tools and events:


  • "Die gute Stunde" -  
  • Wege aus der Einsamkeit
  • Google Arts an Culture

At the end we will provide links to further good practices and additional material


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  1. Introduction
Cultural Participation in general
1 Lesson0 Quizzes
  1. General information on the advantages of cultural participation
Using Cultural events to foster digital participation
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  1. How to use cultural applications in your training
Good Practice Exmaples
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  1. Die gute Stunde
  2. Wege aus der Einsamkeit
  3. Google Arts an Culture 1
  4. Google Arts and Culture 2
  5. Further Readings /Additional Material
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