103 - Prepare for Conducting a Training Session


Topics covered in this course include

  • The basics of conducting an initial interview to understand the needs of a potential client group
  • How to plan the details of a course unit (including a practical example)
  • Tips on logistical preparation for older learners
  • Tips on free online resources to get ideas for your sessions


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Course 103 - Table of Contents
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  1. Content Overview
Learning Objectives
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  1. Learning Objectives
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  1. Introduction to Preparing a Training Session
First Consultation
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  1. Elements of the First Consultation
Elaborate a Lesson Plan
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  1. Planning the Details of a Course Unit
  2. Pause and Reflect
  3. Helpful resources for content development
Preparing the venue of the training
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  1. Pause and Reflect
  2. Recommendations for preparing the training venue
Some Tips for Making Lessons Attractive
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  1. Starting a Training Lesson
  2. Fostering Interactivity
  3. Closing a Training Lesson
Further Readings/Additional materials
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  1. Free available Learning Materials
  2. German: Digital Pakt Alter - Lernangebot aufbauen
  3. English: Quality criteria according to digitale Senior:innen
  4. German: Qualitätskriterien von digitale Senior:innen
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  1. Recap - Drag the Words
Transition to the next course
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  1. Transition
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