Course 301 - Identify your target group and its demand


Let’s start with step one of developing an offer, which is to identify your target group. In this course, we are diving into the process of figuring out what makes your offer special.

Two main aspects are striking out: making sure the offer is built around its users, understanding their needs and goals. It is all about providing an offer that truly matters to your audience and delivers them added value.

This course will provide tools and techniques that support the development of a User-Centred Design (UCD). This said, let's explore how to make your offer stand out and meet the needs of its target group!


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Overview Content
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  1. Overview of Content
Learning Objectives
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  1. Learning Objectives
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  1. Introduction to the course
User-Centred Design
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  1. A quick introduction to User-Centred Design (UCD)
  2. What is User-Centred Design (UCD)?
  3. Why would you use UCD?
  4. How do you implement UCD?
  5. HINT
  6. The different phases of User-Centred Design
  7. Phase 1: Specify the context of use
  8. Phase 2: Specify the requirements
  9. Phase 3: Create design solutions
  10. Phase 4: Evaluate the design
  11. Pause and Reflect
Techniques and Tools in User-Centred Design
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  1. A quick introduction to Techniques and Tools used in User-Centred Design
  2. 1. Desk research
  3. 2. Interviews
  4. 2. Interviews
  5. 3. Surveys
  6. 4. User personas
  7. 4. User persona
  8. Creating a User Persona, a step-by-step guide
  9. Pause and Reflect
Quiz and summary
1 Lesson1 Quiz
  1. Quiz
  2. Summary
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