Discover the Romanian National Report! 

On the Romanian National Report there are available findings from research focused on the digital participation of people 60+, including readiness, support structures, professionalization of supporters and examples of opportunities.  

The report highlights a nuanced scenario for Romania. While the nation boasts impressive connectivity achievements, with a substantial 57% adoption of high-speed fixed broadband and a notable 87% coverage of ultra-capable networks, its digital proficiency lags behind European averages. With only 28% possessing basic digital skills compared to the EU’s 54%, and a mere 9% displaying advanced digital competencies against the EU’s 26%. 

The older generation in Romania displays an active involvement in the digital sphere. Approximately 58% engage in reading digital news, 38% seek health-related information, and 31% find enjoyment through platforms like YouTube and online radio. 

However, the report identifies areas for enhancement. Merely 2.1% of pensioners engage in online consultations or participate in civic and political activities such as signing petitions. Similarly, only 4% use the internet to schedule doctor’s appointments, and 7% for online banking, including mobile options.  

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