Unveiling the Dutch National Report!

In the Netherlands, 60% of individuals with limited formal education exhibit basic or above basic digital skills and a remarkable 93% of those with higher formal education showcase the same level of proficiency.

A collaborative effort led by the Dutch partners of DigitalScouts has yielded profound insights into the technological landscape for older adults and digital skills. The study also focused on the support structures nurturing digital engagement among the older population and on the possibilities of the professionalization of ICT-based support for this group.

The report delved into the complex interplay of socio-economic factors on digital competence. The findings reveal that digital skills are influenced not only by educational background but also by employment status and geographical location.

Furthermore, The Netherlands emerges as a shining example of digital literacy. It holds an impressive rank among European nations, trailing only Iceland and sharing its heights with Norway and Finland. An impressive 79% of Dutch citizens aged 16 to 74 boast basic or advanced digital skills. This positioning aligns the Netherlands closely with the European Commission’s ambitious objective of achieving 80% digital proficiency by 2030.

To know all findings from The Netherlands we invite you to explore the Dutch National Report: